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Networking Core

Client holds the main client singleton. This is used primarily to connect to a server and to route messages.

Server holds the main server singleton. This accepts client connections and routes messages.

Server and Client both have a router. The routers allow you to subscribe to messages.
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The world is divided into integer based groups. Every connection is by default subscribed only to group 0. In Rust the world is divided up using a grid, and each cell is a group. When sending messages they can be sent to a single or multiple groups.

A networkable can be thought of as a network entity. Networkables are usually contained in a single group.

A networkable can also contain a subscriber. A subscriber is usually a player - and can subscribe to groups. This means that when a message is sent to these groups anyone subscribed to them will get the message.

The server network code can provide UID's - which are unique unsigned integers. These are taken using TakeUID() and returned with ReturnUID().  These are used to represent networkable ids.