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Project Layout

This folder contains a bunch of prefabs that are created in game by name. Every entity that is spawned over the network should be in here. Everything in this folder is shipped with the game - whether or not they are referenced. So if you put a prefab in this folder that references a 100mb file in the game code that we never use, it will ship with the game. So please keep this tidy.

Contains effects that are created using EffectLibrary.CreateEffect(). Effects can be anything that only exists for a short period - like particle effects or sound effects.

Trees and ore prefabs. Anything that is spawned via the procedural map system that gives you stuff when you destroy it.

Stuff that is spawned via the procedural map stuff - but is almost entirely visual only.

The text file definitions for every item. These are JSON and are extracted from the admin site using the export feature. If you don't see the export feature you need to be in the Steam group.

All the HTML/Javascript/CSS/Image files for the HTML based UI

All the localization source files from

The item icons exported by the admin site.

The protobuffer file sources