Dedicated Server

  • Install SteamCMD
  • Start SteamCMD
    • Log in with your Steam account or anonymous account
    • Run app_update 258550 -beta experimental

Currently there are two versions of the Rust experimental server, Debug and Release. In the server's folder there will be two folders.


The Debug version is 32bit, compiled as debug and has profiling data. Because of the debug/profiling data it runs slower than the Release version. But because it has profiling data you can connect to it with Unity's profiler and see what's using all the CPU.


The release version is 64bit and compiled for release. You can't connect to it via the profiler and some console commands that count memory won't work properly.

The command line we use on our test server is this:

RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.hostname "My Server Name" +server.port 28015 +server.identity "facepunchdev" +server.seed 6738

Every parameter starting with + is a console variable which will get set at startup if they're on the command line. In all of these the most important is server.identity.


Your server's identity specifies the folder in which all your server's data will be saved. You will find all your data such as saves and config files in <root>/server/<identity>/. The purpose of this is so you can run multiple servers without needing multiple installs.

Console Variables

 server.port     The port for the server to use
 server.maxplayers The maximum allowed players on the server at one time
 server.hostname The name of your server. Avoid using special characters.
 server.identity Your server's identity. Avoid spaces, special characters.
 server.level The map to start on. Right now should be "Procedural Map" or TestLevel
 server.seed The seed used to generate the procedural level. Should be between -2,147,483,647 and 2,147,483,647
 server.saveinterval     Amount of seconds between automatic saves VAC and EAC secured.
 server.tickrate Amount of ticks to tick per second. Lower = better performance but weird stuff can happen. Defaults at 30.
 construct.frameminutes Minutes before a frame is automatically destroyed 


At the moment linux hasn't been tested at all. We're hoping that the linux guys will point out problems and we can get it working for them.


To define someone as an admin, or a moderator on your server simply type into the server console

moderatorid 76561197960279927 garry

ownerid 76561197960279927 garry

Where the number is the 64bit steamid of the person you want to add, and the name is the name of the user. The name is only used for your reference - it can be anything you want.

People added using ownerid will be able to define other moderators and owners. That's the only difference between the two right now.

Next time you join the server you will see that you have been made an admin, and you can send console commands to the server (F1) just like you were sitting at the console. You will also be able to use admin commands (like inventory.give).

You will find as admin that by default you get some special abilities.. like instant/free craft. At the moment these things are mandatory - but we will endeavour to make them optional in the future.

Your users are stored in <identity>/cfg/users.cfg
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