Getting Started

Playing the Test Level
1. Make sure you have Steam running
2. Open Rust Reboot in Unity
3. Open the TestLevel scene

4. Make sure Switch is set to Client and Server (it should be disabled if it's set to it)

5. You're done. Pressing play should start the game on the Test Level.

Playing on Real Servers
You can join real servers by changing Switch to Client and opening the Bootstrap scene. This should play the game in the editor in exactly the same way it plays on Steam.

Playing on Procedural
You can play the procedural level in the editor by opening the Procedural Map scene, making sure that Switch is on Client & Server and pressing play. Performance will be significantly worse than on Steam since, in addition to the fact that the editor by itself is slower than standalone builds, your hardware have to run both client and server.

Debug Keys
If you're in editor you can use the following debug keys.

Right Shift + P
Start camera mode. You can fly around. Pressing Space will jump between players (you can only jump between players in your PVS).

Right Shift + L
Run really fast cheat.

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